'My Enclosed Gardens' (2018)

Historically, the Enclosed Gardens Triptychs (Horti Conclusi) were small retables made in the 16th century by religious women to express their spirituality. In my interpretation of the "Enclosed Gardens" I reflected on how "Enclosed Gardens" are still powerful to express universal emotions of longing for harmony.

For my contemporary "Enclosed Gardens" I combined cyanotype on glass, engraving and silver-or gold leaf gilding. They are all wall hangings and they have different sizes  (between 5 cmx10 cm and 50cm x50 cm). 

My "Enclosed Gardens"are powerful to create an atmosphere of  serenity and harmony. The triptychs can be displayed on their own or they can be combined to make a wall installation.  Interested? I'll help you with pleasure!


© 2019 by Myriam Thomas

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