'My Enclosed Gardens' Triptychs installation (2018)


Each of the triptychs: Cyanoype on float glass, water gilding (silver leaf) and engraving. 

Triptychs with variable size, between 5 cmx10cm and 50cm x 50 cm


Historically, the Enclosed Gardens Triptychs (Horti Conclusi) were small retables made in the 16th century by religious women to express their spirituality. Seven of these restored original Horti Conclusi are on permanent display in the museum "Busleyden" in Mechelen.

With my Installation I wanted to reflect on how the Enclosed Gardens Triptychs nowadays still can evoke deep emotions within many people including myself.

I use about 10 triptychs to make a wall installation of 2 m x 2 m.

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