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Modern man sensing his demons
Modern man searching  his demons
Modern man fights his demons
'Medieval monsters meet comic strip super heroes'- series
4-layered glass cabinets, each 25,5cm x 30,5 cm x 5 cm.
 kilnfired decals and painting/cyanotype on glass/engraving. 
Monstrous creatures  and super heroes have always been part of the imaginary world of humans.
In this multi-layered glass cabinets I combined a a kiln fired decal of a sea monster (made by Ulisse Aldrovandi, published posthumously in 1642)  with kiln a fired decal of superheroes from 1950-1960 comics series to make my own new stories. The pictures that I used for this work are of course public domain. For some of the layers depicting the  water part I made use of  "bad" cyanotype layers where the gel had broken accidentally in an interesting way!  
The wonderful world of Maria Q. 

4 layered glass cabinet, 25 cm x 30 cm x 4 cm. 

Float glass, decals, painting and copper stains, all kilnfired/ water gilding (gold leaf).

Long time ago I knew a woman, Maria. She was part of a large, extremely devout hard working farming family. She was a woman of few words, allways remaining  in the background, in her world between heaven and hell.

Allthough her way of life seems very strange to me now, I want to bring a posthumous homage tot his woman of a former generation, for her kind and quiet honesty.

Medieval "killer rabbits" revisited. 
multi layered glass cabinet with medieval imagery

4 layered glass cabinet, 25 cm x 30 cm x 4 cm. 

Float glass, decals, painting, powder printing

It is intriguing for me to see how in medieval pictures the role of hunter and prey are often switched. It inspired me to make this multi-layered glass cabinet, based on a 14th century drawing "Riding a rabbit hound"  (Paris, Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, ms. 143, fol. 165r).
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