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'Between heaven and earth' (2023)

 In Flanders, beguinages were established from the 13th century onwards for women who wanted to lead a devout life without taking a monastic vow. From 1940 on, the beguine movement declined sharply and in Flanders it has completely died down since. I wanted to evoke this now silenced world in a small table installation. As my starting material I used some archive daily life photos from around 1920 of a beguinage near Ghent (Belgium). I processed the images and transferred them on multiple layers of float glass, to tranform them in a series of eight 3D viewing boxes.   


Detail of the table installation "Between heaven and earth"

Detail of the installation (8 viewing boxes).

Dimesions of each viewing box: 19,3 cm (H) x 17,5 cm (W) x 11,4 cm (D).

Kiln fired processed photodecals on multiple layers of float glass. 

Wooden boxes.

Viewing box "The evening service"

"The evening service" 

3D viewing box , part of the table installation of 8 viewing boxes.

5 layers of float glass , each 16 cm x 16 cm x 0,4 cm.

Processed photo decals, kiln fired and kiln fired painted. 

Original postcard from around 1920, used as the starting material for the viewing box on the left.  

Source: The digital photo archive "beeldbank"from the city of Ghent (Belgium). 

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