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My name is Myriam Thomas and I am a glass artist. My art career happened and developed in an organic  way. I remember clearly finishing high school as an 18 year old and asking myself: "Am I going to chose for art or am I going to chose for science?" Becoming financially independent from my parents was at that time an important issue and I chose for the second option and I became a science teacher,  with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm. 

But my desire to develop my own artistic language remained, and at some point I began to experiment at home with waste glass more or less intuitively in a homemade primitive kiln. I remember when the first deformed glass nuggets came out of my self-made kiln, what a joy! But I also realised that as long as I did not take action to get a good glass art education I would remain in this amateur stage. 

I decided then to enrol in the Glass Art Department  from the Institute for Arts and Craft (IKA) in Mechelen, Belgium. A world opened up. I graduated there in 2020 and since then I work as a professional glass artist.

There is a season to receive, to build, and to give back to the world. Or a wonderful season where all those things happen at the same time. I am in that season now. 

I invite you to be part of my journey. Just click on the link below to register for my monthly newsletter. Living with art is one of the most insightful and culturally enriching gifts to humanity.

Sincerely yours,

Myriam Thomas

Myriam Thomas, glass artist living and  working in Belgium
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