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'The natural pond "Kraenepoel" revisited after 100 years' (2024)


A century old photographic glass plate with the hand written indication ‘Craenepoel-Bellem’ was the starting point for me to try to find out more about this natural pond near Aalter, Belgium. Then I took pictures with my camera on the exact spot where the unknown photographer had stood more than 100 years ago. Thereafter I processed all the photos - old and new - into a hanging glass installation, celebrating the beauty of that area. 


The original photographic glass plate (7,0 cm x 5,0 cm) , displayed in a viewing box (12,0 cm x 12,0 cm x 9,0 cm

Five 3D- hanging objects, each 27,0 cm x 24,0 cm x 3,0 cm. The distance between the front and the back part of each slumped  object is 2,5 cm.

Float glass; Slumping, kiln fired photo decal transfers on the front and back side, kiln fired painting, silver leaf gilding. 

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